Taking on an entire system

I started this entry in my head on my drive back to work after lunch today. I pulled into the parking lot and wondered how in the hell I got back to my job. I spend way too much time daydreaming while behind the wheel. I’ve never been in an accident, though, so rest assured fellow drivers.

I was thinking about how I should go about putting together my second entry. It is customary to start from the beginning and work your way to the present day so there is a solid timeline of events but nothing in my life is customary so I abandoned that idea pretty quickly. I started to really focus on what prompted me to give this blog a real jump start and that is the current situation my husband and I find ourselves in. I call this our “situation within a situation” and it is decidedly not fun, but a definite challenge for both of us. I believe that challenges that make us stronger people, so I can only hope that we’ll both be able to bench press a Buick by the end of all of this.

If you didn`t already know, my husband is in prison. I`m not sure if the title of my blog or my first post alluded to that fact or not. Hah. The hubs spends his days in the “care” of the Nevada Department of Corrections. “He works for the state”, I`ve told people in the past. I don`t  have any experience with prisons in other states but I have read, and have spoken with many people who have stated that being incarcerated in Nevada is one of the worst states you can be locked up in. Thought all prisons were the same? Hardly. The level of corruption and the lengths that both the “correctional” officers and officials will go to for the sake of being purely malicious is mind blowing. Thought conspiracies were only in the movies? Think again.

In December of last year, about a week before Christmas(nice timing, right?), I got a call from my husband, first and foremost letting me know he was okay, then to give me the run down on what was happening. We were used to talking daily and I hadn’t heard from him in a few days at this point, but I thought “Eh, it’s a lock down.”.  Turns out it wasn’t the standard lock down I had grown accustomed to, but that another inmate had attacked my husband in the chow hall, my husband had attempted to defend himself, and when all was said and done the inmate who attacked my husband claimed he was attacked with a pencil by my husband. Whoa! This could all be cleared up right? It is one inmate’s word against anothers. Not so simple, especially when some of the correctional officers(C/Os for short) feel it is their personal mission in life to hate on inmates and to pass judgment when they don’t know the difference between their asshole and a hole in the ground. Forget about knowing the whole story, as a correctional officer you should remain impartial. I guess they didn`t cover that in “Becoming a Correctional Officer 101”. One C/O in particular, who shall remain nameless for now (keywords: for now), lied on her report and backed the attacker’s story and a pencil was planted at the scene that had my husband’s initials carved in. First of all, what inmate attacks another inmate with a pencil with their initials carved in it? Second, my husband has had one write up in his entire 15+ years in prison, and that was not for attacking anyone or starting a fight. Coincidentally, the inmate who attacked my husband is a repeat offender, a gang banger, and is in this time for assault with a deadly weapon. Hmmm. Well played, prison, well played.

Let’s jump ahead to a few days after the incident. My husband’s hearing was expedited by a Lieutenant (who shall also remain nameless for now), who is a known hater of my husband and has messed with him before. The hearing took place, they did not let my husband present his case, and found him guilty on assault and battery charges and sentenced him to two years in disciplinary segregation. This was clearly a set up to get my husband in trouble because he is not liked by certain employees of the NDOC. We appealed(I use “we” because I feel that it is him and I in everything having to do with our lives) and he did have a hearing where he was actually able to present his case, and got the reporting C/O to contradict herself on tape, but they charged and sentenced him the same. Impartiality has been thrown out in favor of lies.

This wouldn’t be a huge deal, and we could deal with this, except this affects my communication with my husband. We have gone from daily phone calls, to one call a week that is an entire 30 minutes. Once a week visits in the visiting room, where we are able to build on holding hands and eating chips together, has now been replaced with once a month visits behind, glass that I have to schedule for “permission” each time. Letters are delayed  and go “missing” a lot. I’m certain the C/Os, officials, and investigators are delaying, or simply throwing away mail both ways to make our lives more difficult.

To top it all off, they have recently moved him from the medium security prison, an hour away from me, to the maximum security prison that is nearly 6 hours driving time from me. We are still pursuing the  appeal process to try to get this mess figured out, but in the meantime, these C/Os, this lieutenant, the “investigator”, and who ever else is involved are getting away with falsifying reports, blatant lying, and general criminal conspiracy. I don’t care how much backing from your co-workers you have, this is pure illegal behavior and deserves a bit of spotlight. At this prison they all seem to cover for each other, and the C/Os  that are actually decent people, do not want to speak up out of fear, even though they know what happens behind those walls.

Luckily, my husband and his very supportive family(including myself) do not go down without a fight and we are really trying to bring attention to these issues, that the personnel at the prison, think will simply be swept under the rug. Departmental responsibility needs to be taken and those involved need to be held accountable. It is not legal to throw away mail, falsify reports and legal documents, or simply jeopardize someone’s life because you don’t like them. As correctional officers, they are held to a public standard and I’m ready to hold them to it. I support my husband 100% in pursuing every legal avenue to ensure that this nonsense is exposed, the guilty parties lose their jobs, and that this lessens the occurrence of them doing this to another inmate, who may not have such a strong support system.

That may have all been very boring, or all very thrilling, but it is ultimately, all very true. I used to think that anyone with a badge, or any type of authority was decent, helpful, and professional. Thank you to the Nevada Department of Corrections for proving me wrong. I would especially like to thank the staff at Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada  for being so unprofessional, unethical, and just plain wrong. I am ready to see this through with my husband. Even a person whose name is followed by a series of numbers has rights.

(Below is an aerial view of where my husband current is. TOO far from me right now.)



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5 responses to “Taking on an entire system

  • fitmommyforlife

    The amount of corruption you speak of literally makes me feel sick to my stomach… knowing the man that holds your heart within his hands being treated so poorly and attacked and lied about is such a fucking travesty… honestly it really makes me happy that Karma is a bitch, because that shiz is going to be coming ten fold to these people that are, honestly, an EMBARRASSMENT to the human race. How they look in the mirror is a mystery to me, because all I would see is a sick, demented joke of a human being… how the hell do they sleep at night?!!!

  • Macky

    I got so mad reading this! Here in Mexico corruption is everyday’s bread, so we sort of look USA as a land of justice…as a land of no-Mexico, really haha. I see that’s not the case at all, and it just drives me crazy. What use is it to them to make your lifes miserable? That’s just pure evil 😡

  • kstiles07

    This sounds so familiar going thu almost the same thing. I was removed from my husbands list, they sent him 8 hrs away from me. Its retaliation bullshit.

    • Desiree

      I`m sorry this is happening to you. Trust me, I know all about retaliation and it is extremely unfortunate that this happens to our significant others and then we have to suffer as well. I’ve never had my visits taken away but I can imagine it is not pretty and I believe it could definitely happen to anyone. If you need to vent, I`m here. Best of luck to you.

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