They say the eye of the storm is calm

I`m starting this blog in the middle of a mess and I think it might help me to cope. I`m a prison wife. I never thought I would label myself that way. Unique, independent, silly? Perhaps. But a prison wife? Who comes right out and says that? I do. I`ve spent much too long lying about where my husband is and feeling somewhat awkward in trying to explain my relationship to outsiders. I`ve been with my husband long enough to stop caring what other people think and actually have come to feel proud and inspired by my own life. This isn`t a new road for me. I`ve been with my husband for ten years and we have been married for nearly four. Once upon a time I was a very strange and curious teenage girl who wanted to write people in prison. Little did I know that I would fall head over heels in love with one in particular and be where I`m at today. The label “prison wife” may warrant some negative attention because a lot of people are ignorant to the fact that not all of us women who stand by our incarcerated men are desperate, or delusional. We love. Plain and simple. I`m a normal woman. I like wine, I have a cat, I drive a Toyota, I work and am a functioning part of society. Well, mostly 🙂 My newly found freedom of actually telling people my husband in prison has gotten me some interesting responses. “Oh, I`m so sorry”, “And you still love him?”, “Are you stupid?”. More questions than comments, I suppose. I used to get bent out of shape about people’s words and seemingly insensitive questions, but I know they don`t live in my world, couldn`t handle what I consider “everyday”, and mostly don`t want to understand anything other than what is conventional.

What is this blog about? What do I hope to get out of this?

I hope to become even more comfortable with talking about my life and my marriage publicly. My husband’s case was very public and I have struggled with putting myself out there and talking about it but I realize that talking about it raises awareness and gives people insight into a world they know nothing about. I also hope to make the public aware of the flaws in our justice system, the corruption that exists within prisons and express the changes I wish to see.

Why? Why do we need changes? These criminals are scum and why do we owe them any sort of mercy?

Those are common questions I get from people I talk to about the justice system. They think all prisoners are the same, they believe in every stereotype that is fed to them by the media and they think that is all there is. So many prisoners were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, some made earnest mistakes, and some aren’t guilty at all. That is how faulty our justice system is. We have put people to death who are innocent. I always strive to ask people what they would do if they were in my shoes, my husband’s shoes, or any prisoner’s shoes. Would you feel the same if you were faced with the same fate?

So that is what this blog is/will be about. A lot about my life, my struggles and joy as a prison wife, exposing corruption in the Nevada justice system in hopes of raising some attention and awareness, and mostly just venting. I am content with venting to my trusted friends, but I believe the world would benefit in knowing a little bit about a lifestyle they can only assume things about.


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2 responses to “They say the eye of the storm is calm

  • Stephanie

    Love this Des! So proud of you, my friend, that was an awesome first blog!

  • fitmommyforlife

    What a fantastic first blog to break the ice with =] And you did such with style, grace and utter honesty. All things I love about you, dearly! Your story is so unique and genuine, and seeing the limitless love and deep connection that you have with Jeremy fills me with happiness =] You inspire me to make sure that those that I hold dearly to my heart are keenly aware of my love for them! Including you, my dear Desiree =]

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