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I drafted a few other blog entries that were focused on an actual theme but I don`t feel like finishing or posting any of those today. I feel like making this all up on the spot, and talking about how I`m feeling today. I`m feeling angry, and frustrating, and upset. I`m used to be strong, and in control, and logical. I feel, decidedly, ruled by emotion today and I think it might be because I`m very tired from all the waking up in the middle of the night I`ve been doing. My thoughts go something like this: “I`m hungry. I miss Jeremy. I wonder what Jeremy is doing. I probably shouldn’t have eaten that. Thank goodness it is the weekend. I`m worried about Jeremy. What the hell is going on?!. I`m pissed off. What can I do?”. Then a neurotic episode ensues and we are back to calm again. That is what this life does to me, and although very frustrating at times, I wouldn`t have it any other way.

I was re-reading Jeremy’s most recent letters, and he was talking about the the involved parties in this conspiracy against him probably deriving joy from messing with him so much. It upsets me because we strive really hard to keep this marriage going on limited contact, and here we have some individuals at the prison who want to lie and make our lives more difficult. Blows my mind. I feel confident in exposing these people now, so I will.

Correctional officer Lisa Donna Jenkins/Lisa Armstead who works at Lovelock Correctional Center and Lieutenant Valaree Clifton Olivas who also works at Lovelock Correctional Center. These are the two main people who have falsified reports to get my husband in trouble and have him sent far away from me, simply because they do not care for him. These two individuals(with the help of other individuals at Lovelock Correctional Center)have conspired against my husband and I fully intend on deriving great pleasure out of them being held legally accountable in the future. Besides the legal ramifications of being completely unethical, I am a very firm believer in karma and all of its goodness. What goes around, comes around.

This post is scattered and mostly because my mind is scattered.

People are usually with content with sweeping issues under the rug, not wanting to know what the actual truth is and I don`t believe in that. Jeremy has taught me to be a truth seeker, to commit, to see things through, and ultimately to not accept any one situation as the end of the world. There are options, there is a way to fight for justice, and there is definitely a way to get to the bottom of the madness.

Don`t be satisfied with lies in any area of your life.

Stay tuned for something more put together. Image


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