Waiting, waiting, waiting. What do I do with all that waiting? What do I wait for? I wait for the mail, and I sincerely think the mailman must think I`m a stalker. I wait for phone calls that sometimes happen, and sometimes don`t. I wait to mail letters. There have been times I`ve wanted to drive to the post office at midnight and mail my letters to my husband. I wait the days, weeks, and sometimes months until I can visit. I was used to waiting exactly 5-6 days between visits up until three months ago when my world was, once again, shaken out of place. Now I wait about a month between visits. When I get to visiting, I wait some more to get processed, to get patted down, and then I wait for the gates to open. More waiting. I wait for my husband to get into the visiting area, which sometimes takes ten minutes and other times thirty minutes. Ultimately I`m waiting for my husband to come home to me.

I realize that I spend a lot of time waiting. Image


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