Taking the path of most resistance

I got a letter from my love and he advised me that his second level appeal has been denied even though there are questionable reporting practices by the officer who claims he attacked another inmate. He expected this would happen and I didn`t. I fully believed that this could be resolved on a nice and quiet level within the prison system but I was wrong. So here we go. I`m getting myself quite pumped up over supporting my husband in the pursuit of justice.

“I can make anybody go to prison
Just because I don’t like them
I can do anything with no permission
I have it all under my command”

Some of  these people who are given just a scrap of power, abuse it to the point where the entire structure of a system is unstable. The ideal running of the justice system would be an actual system, that functions on impartiality and consistency, but that doesn’t seem to be working right now. Actually, when does it work? So we find ourselves on the precipice of having to fight for my husband’s rights as a prisoner, an existence that is already devoid of normalcy, just because some asshole wants to make things just a little bit harder. Why? Maybe this asshole is hard up for being malicious. Maybe this asshole doesn’t like something about my husband. By the way, females can be assholes, and this particular asshole is a female.

Rant, rant, rant!

This obviously affects me and my marriage so of course I am enraged and want to see this all the way through. What does “seeing this through” mean? That means that I feel like my husband has submitted the proper supporting evidence and arguments that prove this person is lying and we have given the Nevada Department of Corrections a chance to truly make it right within the department and they refuse to, so it is time to go beyond this group of officials and petition for outside assistance. I don`t care if my husband is in prison. He still has rights, and one of those rights is to not be falsely sentenced to 2 years in a solitary cell because someone doesn’t like him and feels like he should be punished just a little bit more.

There are people who don`t want Jeremy to pursue outside assistance to expose what is happening within the Nevada Department of Corrections.  They would rather play it safe to save any drama that might potentially come from actually standing up for what is right. Excuse me? I don`t think so. I would never have married Jeremy if I thought he was someone that would lay down and take it. One person. One lie. That is all it takes to turn someone’s world upside down when you are at the mercy of these “correctional” officers. My thoughts: Fuck that! I`m pretty sure the “correctional” officer who is responsible for this entire mess thought Jeremy would simply accept this as unfair and move on. Oh, how wrong she was and how wrong the entire Department of Corrections is. My love is determined, smart, and perseveres.

Is this stressful? Hell yes it is but it is also something that needs to be done. To the people who don`t care about all these incidents behind the walls, I ask, “What if it were you?”. I would hope that anyone would place their rights and freedom as a human above simply wanting to take the easy way out. I`m not asking anyone to advocate for prisoner’s rights but I am asking that people keep an open mind and realize that not everything is as it seems from an outside perspective. These officials take an oath and are supposed to be held to a standard. We pay these people to do a job and I`m pretty sure their job description doesn`t include corruption. 



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