Our ring <3

In one of Jeremy’s first letters to me after he was attacked and thrown into “the hole”(solitary confinement)he told me that even when he was alone and had nothing, not even his clothes, he had his wedding ring and that’s all he needed. Our inexpensive rings have been such a source of comfort and power the last nearly four years. We end every letter with the line “kissing our ring”. It sounds lovesick, and it is, but the rings we have are the only material items that bond us together. Throughout our visits, when I see him kiss his ring, I know he is telling me without words just how much he loves me, and I kiss mine at the same time instinctively.

Our rings, and kissing them, have been a key part of marriage survival the last 6 months. You might think, “it’s just a ring”, and maybe to some married couples it is “just a ring”. But when there are inches of glass or miles of phone line between you and your heart, that “just a ring” becomes a powerful symbol of your love. Total, the value of our rings is under $150, but the emotional value is priceless. To my husband: I am kissing our ring forever and in this difficult time I know you’re kissing it too.



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  • Stephanie

    I totally get this. On the day Mike was taken into custody, he gave me back his original wedding ring because it had diamonds in it, and he didn’t want to risk it getting stolen in there. As soon as he was settled in prison, I bought him a cheap gold band to wear. I told him one day I’d put the original one back on his hand when we renewed our vows after he was home. The funny thing is, that cheap gold band has now been on his hand longer than the one with the diamonds was. I may have to make him a new one that contains both. šŸ˜€

    There have been many times when I’ve stared at that ring on my hand longingly, and remembered when he gave it to me, and just all that it signifies. You’re right, the power in it is amazing.

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