What’s a little corruption swept under the rug?

It’s strange to go from enraged to happy and back to enraged again all in a matter of minutes. I feel like there are ants crawling all over me with anticipation and anxiety, yet there is nothing I can do about it right this second but breathe, see the light at the end of the tunnel, trust that my husband has a plan, and hold on to my love and faith.

After a whole lot of waiting to hear back about my husband’s disciplinary appeal result they have given him the paperwork stating that his appeal has been DENIED but because of his disciplinary history(which has been nothing for the past 15 years)that his hole/disciplinary time has been reduced to one year which means that on September 24th, with good time credit, he will be off disciplinary segregation and be officially classified as administrative segregation. What does this mean? This means he can have contact visits again once a week instead of once a month, we can talk on the phone once a week instead of once a month, he can order food from canteen and not depend on the disgusting state food to satiate him, and he can start the process of getting back to the prison that is 100 miles from me(he is currently 300+ miles from me).

This is a bittersweet relief for so many reasons. I am, under the surface, crazy with joy that I`ll be able to hold my husband’s hands again in less than two months and that we can actually have real time communication more than once a month. We have had an open ended wait leading up to our reinstatement of contact visits for the last 9 months and I don`t know whether to laugh or cry that we have survived this non contact mess. I am still an anxious mess despite my excitement and anticipation of our first contact visit together.

I am angry that the prison will not just admit that they are wrong and fire the involved parties for conspiring against my husband. I`m laughing now because expecting them to own up to mistakes and false statements is something that I know will not come easy, if at all. If my husband is so dangerous, and he stabbed someone like they are stating(actually, as just one very bitter guard is stating), then why would you reduce his time? He did not stab anyone, they realize this “correctional” officer has falsified her statement and they are trying to clean it up by reducing his time. They know damn well that my husband will battle this false charge to the highest level he is allowed. He is nowhere near done yet and I am completely backing the exposure of prison corruption in Nevada. Yes, it happens all the time, and most people are comfortable turning the other cheek, but there are cases like these that cannot be overlooked, underexposed, or swept under the rug.

I am damn proud of my husband for the amount of time and effort he put into his appeals to get some sort of outcome, and I am confident in his ability to cast doubt on the word of the Nevada Department of Corrections.



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