Words for sale

I joke with my husband a lot when we talk about people selling his letters. I tell  him that I would never buy his letters and that, in fact, I would gladly pay someone to take them all away in boxes. He laughs at this joke every time. Not a “this joke is getting old” laugh, but a genuine belly laugh. He is thoroughly amused, each and every time, by my playfulness and my love for him.

On occasion I`ll do a search online, seeing what letters from him to former fake pen pals, are still floating around. Most of them are old and remain unsold and have remained unsold for years. Mostly, though, Jeremy has become a fake pen pal detector of a sort and these days we discuss each and every person who has written him out of the blue and whether or not it is worth his time to reply.

I know I started off as a pen pal a really long time ago, but my intention was never to create a fake name, pen a ridiculous fake letter, and hope for a response so I could sell the letter to make a few dollars. I understand the business venture behind these actions but my husband’s letters have remained a stale sale on the websites that sell these types of true crime items, so I`m not sure why people continue to write with that agenda.

Recently someone wrote him, feigning interest in being friends, only the red flag went up when my husband was able to unscramble the faux last name to reveal the word “detective”. I think it’s amusing in a weird way that people go through such trouble.

Besides the kooks and the letter collections/sellers, the influx of any hate mail has been minimal over the years. In fact, Jeremy receives more random mail of support than the world might think. There are people who write to say that they read about his case and do not believe the overblown media frenzy and that maybe, just maybe, all is not as it appears.



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