2 years

It’s almost baffling to believe that it has been 2 entire years, today, since my husband was attacked in the chow hall at Lovelock Correctional Center and somehow has had the entire incident turned around on him with the help of some very corrupt prison guards and another inmate who is now out roaming the world as he was released on parole earlier this year.

I remember waiting for him to call me that night and then the next night and the next. The call didn’t come for days. Finally, he called on a Saturday, telling me he had been attacked, he was in “the hole” and that he was being set up by a guard who didn`t care for him(later we found out it was a group of guards). I was calm as the sea on a sunny day. I didn`t even raise my voice and I definitely didn`t cry. I only asked him what he needed me to do. What he needed me to do was call his parents and inform them and see what could be done.

Well, two years later, and countless calls from family and legal motions filed with the court, my husband is still stuck at Ely State Prison, where he was moved to in early 2013 after he had been charged with assault and battery because of this set up. Legal work takes time, a lot of time, but the lack of care for human life and seeing the flaws in the system has been eye opening and sickening.

Even as my husband pursues legal action, he still has a right to transfer back to Lovelock(which is much closer to me and where he should be), but they have refused to take him back. No reasoning, just no. It feels like the entire prison system is working against my husband, and ultimately myself because this is MY life too.

I’ve adapted, as I always do, but the pursuit of anything fair is tiring and drawn out. My husband keeps my hope up and I keep him motivated to do everything in his power, with little resources and limited contact, to fix this situation. If he was a problematic inmate and was guilty of assault within the prison, I would say fine, let’s do this time and not push buttons. This is not the case. Correctional guards are playing(and lying and manipulating) with people lives and even in the worst places, that isn’t acceptable. You don`t get to play God. You don`t get to decide what someone deserves and you most certainly don`t get to throw stones when your own house is made of glass.

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