Miles, Places, and Faces

I acquired my beloved Totoya Corolla, Frankie, shortly after my journeys to see Jeremy began. Frankie has over 200,000 miles on her now and a large chunk of those miles have come from driving all over this state to visit my other half. I have driven endless miles through desolate landscape to reach my husband. I have exposed myself to countless journeys on my way to prison and even more so, to the mercy of strangers who were willing to help me along the way.  If any of those strangers ever read this: Thank you. You are part of my journey.

There are parts of me left behind in every mile I have ever driven, every hotel I have ever stayed in, every kind person I have met on my journeys. The last 12 years of traveling to and from different prisons across the state has given me the much needed confidence in myself. When I met Jeremy, I didn`t have my driver’s license, I was scared to drive, I was scared to put myself out into the world. My desire to be close to this amazing human being pushed my heart and soul out of its comfort zone and out onto the open road. He is the reason I got my driver’s license. He is the reason I am as independent as I am today. He is the reason I see the truth in every lie and the smile in every heartache. He is the reason this ball of anxiety has been able to connect to so many places and people.

My drive to be with him has taken me the many miles of necessary growth. My dedication to him has taken me to many raw, beautiful places. Physical, emotional, and mental places I could not have accessed without what the years with him have taken me through. My love for this man has led me to discover so many unique and wonderful people, places, and hearts.

There are days when I am at the end of my rope, tired of the struggle. On those days, I see the time passed and I am alone and sad and I feel like my being has been obliterated by the realities of this life. That is when the light of my love shines the brightest. I realize that I have not wasted years of my life at all. I have spent the last 12+ years on a unique life road trip through the desert of discovery. Prison is some strange oasis that houses the person I love most in this world.



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